Dr. Mohammed Nazar Alsawaf


Dr. Mohammed Nazar Alsawaf a PhD in Computing from Asia Pacific University of Technology and innovation (APU), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2019. He completed his B.E degree in Computer Engineering from Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq in 1999 and the Master degree in Information System & technology (e-business) from Arabic Academic University, Amman, Jordan in 2009. He has 15 years of networking and IT experiences within multiple companies in Iraq and Jordan, and he has about one and half year of teaching experience as a Part-Time lecturer at APU. My research field is about using a localization technique with Global GPS Coordinates in Wireless Sensor Network. Thus, proposed a fresh approach and standards-compliant scheme based on incorporate GPS location information into the IPv6 address of WSN. Thus innovate a new standard scheme and a baselining model toward achieving IoT.

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