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International University of Erbil

November 19, 2023/

#International University of Erbil International University of Erbil is one of the private universities of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Kurdistan Region، and is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Federal Government of Iraq. Students in grade 12 will be able to continue their studies this year

Visits Kurdistan High School

November 19, 2023/

On Wednesday 8th November 2023, students of Medical Microbiology department, and under supervision of assistant lecturer Sayran Sabr, visited Kurdistan High School to present a seminar about hepatitis B virus in which the nature of the disease, the modes of getting infection, risk factors and preventive measures were explained in detail for Class…

Medical center front view on white background. Hospital building vector design.

November 19, 2023/

In order to the students be more familiar with daily routine works in the medical laboratories, on Wednesday 8th November 2023, students of Biochemical Analysis department, and under supervision of Dr. Rawaz Khasro, head of department, and Dr. Humera Khan visited medical laboratory of West Emergency Hospital.


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Our History

The International University of Erbil stands as a beacon of higher education in the thriving capital city of Erbil, within the dynamic Kurdistan Region. Embracing a progressive academic structure, the university has transitioned from a college-based system to a more collaborative faculty framework, fostering cross-disciplinary synergy and intellectual growth.

Currently, the university boasts four distinct faculties—Engineering, Business Management, Education, and Law & International Studies and Diplomacy. These faculties encompass a total of 22 departments, each dedicated to providing a rich, diverse curriculum that equips students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

In this nurturing environment, the International University of Erbil remains committed to cultivating academic excellence, critical thinking, and innovation among its students, preparing them to make meaningful contributions to society.

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