Prospective Students

Our admission requirements depends on annual criteria announced by the ministry of high education of Kurdistan region for those applicants who passed the high school based on their high school average such as:

Documents Needed​

A completed International University of Erbil Application for Admission form, (available from the Admission officer or on the web at (http://www.ue.edu.krd)

A certified copy of the Centralized High School Government Diploma or its equivalent​

Certified/official results/documents of exams such as the TOEFL, SAT I, SAT II or others if available for those applicants from outside of the country.​​

A certified copy of the candidate’s identity document or passport together with two recent passport-sized color photographs.​

An official eye medical test.​


Registration and Procedures

Once a major is chosen and acceptance is issued from the ministry, following the admission process, the student needs to register in courses according to their level. All level of a major should be taken in the exact order mentioned in the four year plan.


Rules to Transfer Courses

Students may join International University of Erbil on a ‘transfer
student’ basis from other universities. The Admissions Ofce is
responsible for reviewing each transfer student application. Students
transferring from another school might be required to sit for specic
skill tests depending on their major. Once the Admissions Ofce
receives the applications and applies the admissions procedures
and decisions. The Registrar’s Ofce is the focal point of all exchange
exercises and is in charge of coordinating with the necessary
departments. The following conditions must be met to consider
transfer courses: The grade of the transferred course is no less than 70
over a scale of 100.
The grade of the transferred course is no less than 14 over a scale of
20. A maximum of 50% of the total number of credits required to earn
a Bachelor degree may be transferred:
No more than 50% of the major courses can be transferred
No more than 50 %of the core courses can be transferred

Our History

The International University of Erbil stands as a beacon of higher education in the thriving capital city of Erbil, within the dynamic Kurdistan Region. Embracing a progressive academic structure, the university has transitioned from a college-based system to a more collaborative faculty framework, fostering cross-disciplinary synergy and intellectual growth.

Currently, the university boasts four distinct faculties—Engineering, Business Management, Education, and Law & International Studies and Diplomacy. These faculties encompass a total of 22 departments, each dedicated to providing a rich, diverse curriculum that equips students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

In this nurturing environment, the International University of Erbil remains committed to cultivating academic excellence, critical thinking, and innovation among its students, preparing them to make meaningful contributions to society.

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