Tour to Coca-Cola Iraq


On 5th of Dec 2017, level 3- General Management and Management by Information System students took a plant tour to Coca-Cola production facilities in Erbil. This tour was the first of a series of scientific tours organized by The University’s Career Development Center to different companies. The objective is to introduce our students to real-world practices in their fields of study. The International University of Erbil was the first to visit the company as a part of an initiative to strengthen the relations between the academia and the industry.


The tour started with a brief introduction to the Coca-Cola Içecek’s (CCI) history and activities along with that of the parent company. Then, the human resource specialist of CCI explained their personnel management activities and plans. Later on, CCI operations manager took the students in a tour alongside Coca-Cola’s production lines for them to see the real operations process at first hand. Finally, the company’s quality assurance manager introduced the way CCI Erbil manages their quality to make sure they stay at the top.