About the Career Development Center


The mission of the career development center (CDC) is to provide you with the comprehensive career and development services you need to prosper in your current and future career. We are committed to making you more employable, better at what you do and more aware of the opportunities ahead.

VISION: To become your best support for a better career. OBJECTIVES:
  1. To help the students in their current and future career endeavors.
  2. To link its beneficiaries to the job market by equipping them with the right knowledge, skills and abilities.
  3. To aid the IUE’s initiative in becoming a leading university in the region,
  4. Making sure that our academic and non-academic staffs stay up to date in regard of the industry’s best practices, and
  5. To help in fulfilling the University’s social responsibilities towards the wider community.
  • The IUE’s current and future students
  • The IUE’s alumni
  • The IUE’s academic and non-academic staff
  • The wider community
  1. Organizing training and development courses and internships to develop the beneficiaries’ competitiveness in the job market.
  2. Assisting in job search, CV writing, job interviews and follow ups for finding suitable jobs in the future.
  3. Organizing alumni events, networking events.
  4. Organizing job fairs.
  5. Oversee training courses to aid in the staff’s continuous learning and development.
  6. Provide the public with access to the free/paid courses and events as the IUE sees fit.