Sookie Hong


She is originally from Seoul, Korea but moved to Texas, USA after her college education and lived there until she came to Kurdistan. She earned her BA degree in Economics in Sookmyong Women’s University in Seoul Korea and MBA degree from the University of Texas at Dallas (specializing in International business and MIS). She worked at Samsung Mobile in America for 15 years. She was mainly involved in process innovation related global supply chain management in entire her career years. She said Samsung was not only a workplace for her. It was a great school which provided her significant amount of professional training related high-tech industry with most advanced systems and technologies. She is glad that now she can contribute her knowledge from practical business experience to her students at The International University of Erbil. Teaching was her new adventure since 2013 but she said it has been a very joyful and fulfilling experience. She established the Center for Korean Studies with Dr. Mohammed Ihsan inside the campus on November of 2017 and the center has been formally approved by the ministry of higher education in Kurdistan. It is the one and only center for Korean Studies in Iraq. Many IUE students are actively involved in academic program including Global eSchool and Credit exchange program through the center. Her personal interests are learning the Kurdish language and its civilization and any contemporary topic related to middle eastern countries.

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