Aram Hasan Hussein


English Language Department

Assistant Teacher


I have a BA degree in English language and literature from the University of Slemani and a MA degree in TESOL from the Alliant International University in San Diego in California State in the USA. I have worked as Asist. Lecturer at Raparin University from 2014 to July 2017 and I have taught English Language Methodology and English Language Testing and Evaluation. I have also participated in many conferences in the USA and Kurdistan on English language learning and teaching namely CATESOL Conference in the USA. In fact, I got involved in teaching English since November 2008 and I taught English in various institutions like public middle school, language centers, NGOs, and Public universities. During my time as an English teacher, I have taught a variety of subjects to a huge number of learners, ranging from middle schoolers to adult, and university students. However, I have about a decade experience in teaching English, but the one thing that has remained continuous in my career is my passion for teaching English. My motto about teaching English is that I believe that letting students work at a pace that is most comfortable to them helps to accommodate all learning styles. I love helping students gain independence with their work, and I love making the teaching process fun and easy

Specialization: TESOL

  • Research Interest:

    Research Interest: Second language learning and Acquisition Supervision of Postgraduate Students: Supervised about 10 undergraduate students’ research in the field of English language learning.

  • Publications: Action Research

    The Problems of Using Third Person Singular Morpheme in the English Language in VESAL journal April 24-25 2016

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