The Vision

The College of Business and Management is established to develop the business professional with global perspective in Kurdistan and Iraq. The curriculums are designed to be comparable to be international with carefully selected textbooks from North America and Europe. We provides students with highly specific skills across functional areas of business and a wide range of student-centered engagement activities that encourage students to apply knowledge and practice skills. This is accomplished throughout the entire degree plan, internships, industry speakers, weekly seminars, and research projects that will prepare students for the challenges of the business world. Whether students have aspirations of creating and managing their own business or rising to the heights of a multinational corporation, our BS in Business and Management offers the students the chance to focus their course of study on the path to their goals.

The Mission

Overview Business and Management prepares students to meet the challenges of a high-tech, global marketplace by providing business programs that bring the real world into the classroom. It combines excellent academic training with good career prospects. Also, provides students with a broad range of opportunities to develop your business skills and learn how to analyze a wide variety of business problems and identify solutions. Our engagement with business and the employability of our graduates is further supported through many strategic business partnerships and offering business placement opportunities for students. The College of Business & Management offers the degree programs listed below.


Modules cover accounting, economics, marketing and human resource management, and Business strategy module. To this end, the program provides you with a detailed understanding of a final year business project, which will develop your research skills and involves their application to problems in the local or wider business community. Students develop the knowledge needed to face 21st-century business challenges with confidence and creativity.
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The demand for qualified accounting continues to grow internationally. This program will provide the key financial and accounting skills employers are looking for, as well as broader business and management expertise. Students will develop a detailed knowledge of the applied aspects of accounting, together with the team-working, problem-solving, communication skills and commercial awareness which companies need in real-world business situations.
This program focuses on the personal and professional skills required to work with organizations in the analysis, design, construction and management of information systems. There is a strong focus here on system design and evaluation techniques, especially for interactive systems, complemented by the management skills needed to plan and organize the large-scale information resources that drive modern organizations. Course content includes project management techniques and issues relating to the management and development of information systems in preparation for careers in industry and the commercial world.
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Marketing course is designed to offer an exciting program for those wishing to pursue a career in marketing and related areas. It provides the student with the skills need to enter various marketing roles. Also, the program helps to develop a variety of practical skills that are valued by employers. You’ll develop strong communication skills and cultural awareness that is essential in the creative and innovative modern marketing environment. We’ll also equip you with the analytical and strategic skills that come with a firm grounding in business decision making to enable you to think critically about marketing scenarios and make informed policy decisions.
This program focuses on global banking and financial services, examining the development and challenges of banking and finance in the modern world. It will provide students with a specialist in-depth understanding of economics, banking and finance. As well as, students are introduced to an in-depth understanding of the way that organizations and financial systems work.
Hospitality and tourism offer global career opportunities. This program involves students in applying academic concepts to industry related scenarios and realistic practice which help the student to gain knowledge and skills for this growing industry. Also, it will explore the key approaches and techniques vital to managing and running an international business. The specialist modules, meanwhile, give the student a detailed appreciation of the unique features and challenges of the hospitality and tourism industries.