President Bio

Dr. Mohammed Ihsan ( Professor) was minister for Extra Regional Affairs from 2005 to 2011, Minister for Human Rights, President of the General Board for Disputed Areas in Iraq, International Investigator for Genocide crimes in Iraq from 2001 to 2005 and Kurdistan Representative to Federal Government in Iraq from 2007-2012. He holds a PhD in International Law and another PhD (Exon) in Arab and Islamic Studies. He is the founder of Civic Education programs for Iraqi Kurdistan Schools. In addition to his current post, he is a senior research fellow at Defense Studies Department,(King's College London) University of London, honorary research fellow at College of Social Sciences and International Studies (University of Exeter),and Senior Visiting Professors to Korean University for International Studies. Dr Mohammed Ihsan has authored various articles and books on Kurdistan and Iraq. In the last few years most of Dr Ihsan’s research work has been devoted to the Kurdish question and the Middle East issues, as well as investigations into genocide and crimes of war in today’s world.

Vision & Mission

The Vision

The International University of Erbil seeks to establish itself as one of the top universities in Kurdistan, Iraq and the wider region. Our aim is to create a professional workforce and leaders for the community by offering a high quality educational environment. This will inspire students and individuals to achieve their potential through learning, research and best practice.

The Mission

Our mission is to benefit individuals and the community through education. This includes personal training, up-to-date knowledge and the updating of skills in various fields of academic research such as engineering, management, law and international studies and education. Core Values: International University of Erbil supports: Academic excellence to support, cultivate and encourage the highest standards of academic achievement and research; Diversity by engaging students from different ethnic, religious, economic and social backgrounds; Learning by creating an open, positive environment of active participation in studying and research; Freedom of thought and expression by respecting different opinions and means of expression in harmony with custom and tradition; Leadership to excel and lead with integrity and vision; Responsibility . The International University of Erbil is committed to fostering generations of successful professionals who will contribute positively in enlightening and benefitting the future of Kurdistan and the region.