Shukri Saleh Mohammed


College of Engineering / Civil Engineering Department

Head of Department


1980 BSc Degree in Building and Construction Engineering - University of Technology - Baghdad, Iraq 2006 MSc Degree in Highway and Transportation Engineering - University of Technology - Baghdad, Iraq 1981-2010 Membership of Consulting Engineering Bureau - University of Technology - Baghdad, Iraq 1984-1988 Membership of Continuous Teaching - AlMustansiraya University - Baghdad, Iraq 1990-1996 Membership of Continuous Teaching - University of Technology - Baghdad, Iraq 2011-2014 Membership of Engineering Consulting Bureau - Koya University - Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Published a research “Distribution of the Hydraulic Parameters at River Beds” at 2009. Published a research “A Comparative Study of the Suitability of Dakuk, Kirkuk-Iraq and Tuz, Salahaddin-Iraq Coarse Aggregates for Construction Purposes” at 2014. Interest in Geotechnical and Soil Investigations, research. Interest and work in Design, Maintainance, and rehabilitate the Highway and Bridges.

Experience and Expertise

  • Wide practical experience

    Wide practical experience as consulted member in many projects of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering. Long period academic experience in University of Technology for many subjects and courses for undergraduate students, and for Higher Diploma, MSc and PhD degrees

  • Academic experience

    Academic experience in the Continuous Teaching Centers for many modules and courses in University of Technology, and Almustansiryah University, Baghdad-Iraq.

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