Shahin Rahimi


College of Science/ Computer Science Department



I received my B.Sc. from Tehran University in Iran and M.A. from Hamedan University in Iran and Ph.D. Degree from University of Madras In INDIA. My degrees have trained me to cover Information Technology subjects, and my subject specialisms are Management of Digital Resources, Scientometics, , Webometrics, and Web Citation Analysis. I have also undertaken some National and International training in Handling Information Databases with Specific Information Retrieval, E-Learning, Open Source Software in Information Science and E-Resources organized by authorized Company and Publisher like Springer and Elsevier. During my Ph.D. degree in India I have taught Digital management resources , Information Technology and Research Methodology and some other Courses in Master level. At the same time, I organized some workshops for Ph.D. Research Scholars of different subject in Madras University in India about Information Retrieval in different Search engines, Information Databases and Open Access Databases. I have worked at Kurdistan University of Iran for 8 years as Deputy of Central information center and as Lecturer. I also published around 10 Article in National and International Journals.

Specialization: Webometric, Scientific Databases, Data mining

  • Research Interest:

    webometric and web citation Analysis, Web Data mining.

  • Supervision of Postgraduate Students

  • Publications;

    published papers in ISI journals (impact Factor), international conferences.

  • Papers:

  • Journal Publications

    Rahimi, Shahin; Mirzania, Haibat; Chandrakumar, V., “ISI Citations and Google Scholar Citations: A Comparison of citation counts based on selected Medical” Journal of Information and Communication Technology. Vol. 7, December 2012 . Rahimi, Shahin; Chandrakumar, V., “Web Citation Analysis of Open Access Journals: A Case Study.” Asian Journal of Information Science. Vol. 6, December 2012. Rahimi, Shahin; Chandrakumar, V., “Citation Impact of Open Access Medical Journals on Scholarly Communication: Web Citation Analysis” COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management. Vol. 7(2), December 2013. Rahimi, Shahin; Chandrakumar, V., "A comparison of citation coverage of traditional and web citation databases in medical science" Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science (MJLIS) Vol 19 (3), 2014. (ISSN 1394-6234)

  • Conference Papers

    Rahimi, Shahin, “Applying Semantic Web and Social Networking Technologies in Academic Information center.” Paper presented at the National Conference on Future of Academic Information center : Challenges and Opportunities, Madurai, India, April 7 – 8, 2011. Rahimi, Shahin; Syed, Fazlunnisa, “Social Semantic Digital Libraries – the next step forward…” paper presented at XXVIII ALL INDIA CONFERENCE OF THE IASLIC – 2011 Organised by University of Kashmir, on Library Vision 2020, 10-13 October, 2011. Available at for Conferece 2011.pdf Mirzania, Haibat; Rahimi, Shahin, “Assessment of the Scientific Productivity of Middle East Countries” paper presented at National Seminar on Emerging Information Technologies, 9-10 December, 2011, Organised by Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai, India, 2011. Rahimi, Shahin; Chandrakumar, V., “Social Semantic Digital Resources: An Exploratory Study of Open Source System “paper presented at 8 the Biennial National Conference on Recent Advances in Information Technology (READIT), on Knowledge Sharing with Semantic Grids, organized by Scientific Information Resource Division, Resources Management Group, Indian center for Atomic Research, December 28 – 29, 2011. Available at

  • Books Authorship:

    translation and published a book titled: Searching 2.0 from English to Persian

  • Other Information’s :

    Working as Information Administrator and deputy of Information and research center of University of Kurdistan in IRAN; Attending in different international workshop like: Workshop on Network Protocols, (LIBNETPRO - 2011) Organized by University of Madras, 25 – 26 March 2011, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Workshop on Envisioning information Services – ELIS 2011, Organized by University Information Center, Anna University, 17th March 2011, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Workshop on Bridging Information Centers, Organized by University Information Center – Anna University, 28th March 2012, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Workshop on Roadshow on changing Dimensions in eResources, Organized by Springer Pvt. Ltd., 27th September 2012, The Raintree Hotel, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

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