Dr. Hemn Namiq Jameel


International and Diplomatic Studies Department



I was born in Erbil in 1st of December 1982. I finished my undergraduate degree at the College of Law and politics, Department of Political Science at the University of Salahaddin in 2003 and earned my M.A degree at the same department in 2008. I gained HCDP Scholarship to study abroad and finished my PhD at the School of History, Politics and International Relations at the University of Leicester, England in June 2017.


  • My expertise is in political science. I taught Foreign Policy and International Relations at the University of Salahaddin for three years (2008-2011) and Constitutional Law at Soran University in 2011. This year, I have started teaching Diplomatic Concepts and International Law at the IUE.

  • Besides, I worked with Media outlets for around 10 years. I started with Student Union Media department when I was doing my undergraduate degree (Rwanin and Xabaty Qutabyan as examples). After my graduation, I started working with Khebat Daily Newspaper, the organ of Kurdistan Democratic Party for around 8 years (2003-2011). I was also a columnist to Aso Daily Newspaper for two years (2008-2010). In addition to this, I worked with NGOs. I am a co-founder of the Kurdistan Institute for Political Issues (KIPI), a NGO conducts interviews and surveys regarding political affairs, in 2006 and worked as the head of the Media department of the KIPI (2006-2009) and as the President of the KIPI (2009-2011). During my PhD study in the UK, I worked with National Health Service (NHS) as a Kurdish-English Interpreter in Leicester (2015-2017).

  • Specialization: Political Science

    Research Interest: Political Systems, Governance, Democratization, Political Corruption, Political Parties, Post-Conflict societies

  • Publications:

  • Papers:

    Tazkia, an informal political procedure in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Published as a part of the Global Informality Project supported by the University College London. My entry is available at: http://in-formality.com/wiki/index.php?title=Tazkia

  • Books Authorship:

    Turkey and European Union, (in Kurdish), 2009, Erbil.

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