President Bio

Prof. Dr Ahmed Anwar Dezaye President of International University of Erbil from 4th of March 2020. Former President of Salahaddin University/Erbil for mor than 10 years. Professor in Chemistry with PhD from the University of Sydney in Australia, Published more than 25 papers in different local and International repeatable Journals. Supervised one post- doctorate student and three International Joined PhD projects. Participated in Curriculum development, Quality Assurance, Administration, E-learning, Leadership program to highly noted innovators. He has leaded in many projects with DAAD, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus Plus, US Fulbright, British Council, UNESCO and UNECEF, Francophone innovation projects. Beside many conferences workshops and Seminars which organized locally and Internationally, he has organized the Arab Universities leaders in Erbil on 19-21/3/2013 and he became a Chairman of the Executive Council of the Federation of Arab Universities for one year. He has worked as General Director of Scholarships at the Ministry of Higher Education of Kurdistan Regional Government for three years (2006-2009), before that he has been working as a member of teaching staff at Salahaddin University/Erbil, beside many administration posts at the departments, academic representative, Directors of Chemical and Glass wares and International Relations Office. Then Vice President of Scientific and International Relations at Salahaddin University for three years.

Our Vision

The International University of Erbil will offer a high-quality education for creating a Leaders for Kurdistan community. The University strives to an Internationally recognized University.

Our Mission

Our mission to support the education, economy, social, cultural and environment development in Erbil and Kurdistan Region through the contains supply of quality graduate and research in different needed specialization. Build up extensive learning centers using the latest technology.

Future plan

The University leadership objectives are building of University new campus, this will allow for possibility to offers the opportunity for creasing capacity to serve larger student numbers. The new campus that supports student and staff exchange to study, teaching, training, research and development activities within inte- institutional agreements.

Strategic plan (2020-2024)

Our strategic plan started in March 2020 following a consultant with our staff, students, and other key stakeholders By 2024, Commitment to undergraduate education with a new departments, high quality new curriculum, so that our graduate will develop knowledge, values and skills, they need to thrive and lead in a world rapidly change. Our strategy is simple to create a place when the best researchers and most promising students can achieve their full potential. We advance gender equity by promoting women leadership and furthering women’s education.