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I would like to extend my warmest welcome to the members of the class 2017-2018! If you are like most students I have known, you have waited with impatience the day you started to attend the International University of Erbil. Well, that day has finally arrived, and all of us — faculty members, administrators, and other members of the IUE community — are thrilled to see you gathered here. Welcome, too, to all of the parents and family members who are here. It is true that you will spend less time on campus than your children, but you are now deeply valued members of the IUE’s community. Our students are who they are in large part because of the love, time and energy that you poured into their development as well as the values you imparted to them as children. Maybe you can’t take all the credit! But this is the day when you can enjoy what your children have accomplished and led them to. Just as all of you, students, I have been eagerly waiting for the day your college life begins. I am a new president. You are the third class I have the privilege of welcome to IUE. In the coming years, I will follow your academic progress, admire your performances, and learn what social issues inspire you to action. With your family members I will be proud to follow you until the day you will leave the university with your degree.


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